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Project Status Update

Project Overview

With growing hardware we've seen an absolute decline in good 2D games, which is rather strange because advances in hardware and software would (in theory) make building these games a much easier tasks. But not only do the games not exist, but there are few tools available to help users build their very own 2D game. Existing free software are lacking in their customisablilty, and other better tools come with a charge often too steep for the armature developer.

This project- which I'm calling "2D Multimedia ToolKit" will be a free, open source development environment designed to manage projects: provide easy to use tools for map creation, animation and resource collection. It will provide users with complete access to High-level computer languages to give the user complete customisability of their game while still maintaining many useful methods and handlers so they need not worry about the particulars of low-level display.

Post Project Intention

This project will not only aid armature developers, but will also be a great learning experience for myself. Once development toolkit is complete I will attempt to use it to build my own game- this will be documented here in my journal too.

Project Status Update

The map design interface is clearly the most complex part of the software. Polygon display has been completed: a polygon will appear with its corners highlighted and its insides shaded. These polygons are used in collision detection. I have just completed the 'Polygon' creation functionality. Though the user can now create new polygons, the interface allow a user to manipulate/delete existing polygons. The user must be able to move it and add/remove corners.

Tile Painting and trigger creation have yet to be completed.

The map interface currently looks like [this]
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