jammanperiod (jammanperiod) wrote,

I've been dealing with a throat infection for a few days now. So today I took some Tramadol. The pain-killer kicked in pretty quickly and my mood significantly improved. Super duper! How about a cup of tea, says he! Certainly, says I! At the kitchen we wait for the kettle to boil and I help myself to a piece of turkey. Om nom nom nom... Ooof... Feeling a bit dizzy all of a sudden. It'll pass. A bit dizzy becomes a lot dizzy. I'll sit down. Ouch... my head is spinning, I'm starting to feel a bit sick. I feel very nauseous. I cry out for help. Vision turning dark, what's going on? Panicking now. Am I going to vomit? I don't know! I bury my face in my hands. My brow is covered in cold sweat. My breathing is shallow. I start audibly chanting 'Oh God'. Someone call an ambulance, thinks I. Am I about to pass out? All are shocked by skin colour which has become pale yellow. Have a drink of Soda water says she. I drink a mouthful. What's this? I feel 33% percent better. Have another drink, better still. And another! Soon I'm moved to bed. But already I feel well.

What the hell was that?
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