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I'm stressed. And I don't mean "Phew, I have quite a bit of work to do" stressed. No, I mean my every waking thought and even some unwaking thoughts are consumed by work. I can't shake it. When I try to enjoy myself feelings of guilt seep in, when I'm trying to relax I'm thinking about how to solve some of my assignments. I can't run away from it. The voice telling me "You should be working" is ever present and now it feels like I'm approaching breakdown level. I'm having serious trouble sleeping: I don't feel very refreshed in the morning, and although it's hard to tell I am certain I've been rolling around all night in my sleep.

Try as they might, I can get little comfort from friends, my problems are deeply buried under the surface where they can't reach them. Everyone around me is in a similar state; they are either overworked, tired or just plain blue. Likewise I can't respond to their situations with understanding and empathy, the only reaction I have left is helplessness and futility; empathy is an emotion afforded to those with time.

My feelings are entirely rational; a rational response to a high pressure situation that requires a great deal out of me. I don't believe my feelings are the root of the problem, the problem stems from the work itself and unless I can get this work done, these feelings will persist. I believe these feelings are supposed to serve as an incentive to work. But where they were designed to help man overcome simple tasks in man's early history, they aren't dispelled quickly enough by today's modern world and now there is concern about a serious overflow.

Possible solutions:
Take it easy and try to relax. Come up with a realistic time-table for work and play.
Get the work done, it's the source of the problem so blitz it now and nip the problem in the bud.
Chemical solution: A doctor has cabinet filled with stress-relieving drugs.
Realise that all things are one and that none of this really matters.

After considering my possible solutions, the first option seems the most sensible. "What do you think, Linda?"
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