jammanperiod (jammanperiod) wrote,

The orange box has been released and all sensible people have bought themselves a copy of it.

A little later than everyone else, I have finished Episode 2 and Portal.

There truly is no doubting Valve's abilities. They have created the second follow up to the best game ever made and have not left us disappointed. This new instalment of what's becoming the half life epic delivers the same high quality. You would be a fool to miss it!

On that topic, I now have a free copy of Half Life 2 and Half Life 2: episode 1 to give away if anyone should happen to want it. But if you don't already have a copy of Half life 2 then that means you don't have the orange box, and if you don't have the orange box you're missing out! STOP MISSING OUT, YOU COMPLETE BASTARDS!
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