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You wanna know why we keep startin' fires?

Hey Journalteers, just an update before bed.

It's 2008, so what's been going on? 2008 for me opened with a stomach bug that had been going around. January third, twelve at night- I suddenly found myself throwing up. What a miserable feeling that was, but at least it was over. Thirty minutes later again I throw up, then again another thirty minutes later- each time hoping and believe this was the last time. Whenever the vomit came out black I figured that was bile, that's got to be it. Sadly not even that stopped it. Naturally I was frightened at this point; I'm bit of a hypochondriac and whenever something like this starts happening I begin assuming the worst. That horror didn't stop with the night- what a great start to new year! A special mention goes out to both William and my man, David who both went out of their way to help me whenever I was ill.

So when I finally recover (six days later) what do I do? Go out and party? Live it large in the Belfast Massive? No. I go into study mode. Exams are right around the corner and we all know before an exam comes guilt. All joy at this point comes with a price; every smile is murder. Anyway, I've been locked inside my room pretty much since Sunday last week (with the exception of Wednesday, which was my last day of fun). But now there's only one exam left... but Birdy's nerves are beyond breaking point and have entered some new, transcendental point (Birdy believes if this state continues he'll eventually reach Fix Point again). Well, I'm exaggerating now.

In my breaks I've been enjoying doing some rendering in Lightwave. And after some kind of tinkering around I produced this 20 second long video!

Here's the YOUTUBE link. But feel free to get the high quality version and just use this direct link to my [dot]Com (You should say that and mean it; it's empowering… MY [DOT]COM, BABY!).

I'm now in the process of making a goat man, so I can have some actual animation in this animation. But you won't hear anything more about that until Thursday whenever my exams are finished, and even then I'm planning on having a hedonistic ritual of self destruction, so don't wait up.
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